Who wrote les 100 Versets Dechoucage in Haiti?

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What is the name of the author?

What is his title?

Was He or she a Priest, Rev. Dr. or Dechouker?

The truth shall set you free. Each question for one thousand point/ 1000 point.

Good by let go vote on Sunday for the next president.

I pray that God will bless him or her to reunite the country back to prosperity.Dont forget to pray cause the devil is outhere to kill, destroy, and devoure whomever is on his way. becareful!

Rev. Dr. Dumaine, November 23 2010, 11:44 PM

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Get a life Dumaine! You are an evil christian. Don't you notice all christian nations like Haiti are the poorest... read more >
Pwelrabouda Plimnando, 24-Nov-10 7:33 pm
How you dare to call "Revenant maitre minuit" Dumaine a liar. You are offending all liars by putting Dumaine in their... read more >
Elois Maitre-iii, 25-Nov-10 12:17 am
Your IQ's are you high that is the only reason Haiti is in this condition. You are disciminating your ownself, "even... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 25-Nov-10 12:14 pm
You know what my friend! I have learned in life to appreciate those who disagree with me and with all my heart. No I... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 25-Nov-10 12:35 pm
Dumaine, you are a true ignorant Haitian and an impostor too. You want to sell Haiti to the U.S. Christian... read more >
Pwelrabouda Plimnando, 25-Nov-10 12:42 pm
My friend, This is who Dumaine is One that Can say aba U.S., Aba, Aristide, Aba, Missionaries, Aba all allies of... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 25-Nov-10 1:12 pm
Dear blogger, It seems that you know the answers, but refuse to give the answer to the public. You are well educated... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 2:06 pm
If you know the answers, let people about it. Dont forget to go voting tomorrow for the next president of Haiti. Who... read more >
Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 2:22 pm


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