You are really setting on the point, but Guy Phillipe is not...

Rev. Dr. Dumaine - November 25 2010, 1:24 PM

You are really setting on the point, but Guy Phillipe is not the pioneer of all this. No one can say that Arisitde and Guy Phillipe worked for the same company; neverthless, they were good friends.

Who get paid more to do the job?

Who was too ambitious about power and fame?

Who wanted to used the people to consolidate just the presidency?

Since the creation, there was always the biggest devil to destroy the devil plan. Hoping it is make sence and continue move on in life. Aristide could be the best President for Haiti, but the love of money, power and the spirit of selfish put Him down. I voted for Him in the first election, but he has to learn.

Now be a Christian Revolutionary is not so radicalism but free spirit of speaking the truth.

Pray for the next Haitian President.

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I agree with you. Guy Phillipe is responsible for...


Rev. Dr.Dumaine should blame Guy Phillipe not the U.N for the cholera

First,you make a mockery of the Rev title by using vulgarity in your writing. Second,You are a coward. You are afraid...

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You are a paid agent provocateur and to disseminate...

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