Jude Celestin's Political Background

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Someone just sent me an email about his personal background.

I heard that he was living as an illegal immigrant in Orange in New Jersey.

He was working as a barber there after he escaped a Florida's warrant of deportation to Haiti.

Before he entered the U.S. illegally, he had lived in Gonaives and had attended the following schools Eben Ezer and Ceda. He is a cousin of Cadet Celestin from New Jersey, a Jean-Rabel Farmer, an owner of 6 barber shops in New Jersey, an exporter of green plaintain in Florida, New York and New Jersey as well. Jude was accused of illegal drugs sale in New Jersey and he was captured by the FBI authorities.

He was judged and deported to Haiti due to the fact he was an illegal person in the U.S. In Haiti, he is a closed friend of Preval and he was his personal barber too. With the help of Preval's wife, Jude was promoted to the 1st ranking member within the INITE Party.

That's the Jude who will be the next president of Haiti based on the latest rumors.

If someone knows something about him do not hesitate to communicate it to us, for I do not know him well and I cannot hold the above allegations for the truth.

Come with facts and tell us who he is?

If any of the above allegations are not true, people need facts to counter them and the posting owner cannot be held liable for them. Was Jude Celestin a drug dealer?

Was he arrested and deported to Haiti by U.S. FBI authorities?

How did he become one of the ranking members within the Inite Party?

How did he get promoted to that rank?

Where did he live before running for president?

Did he finish High School in Haiti?

How come Haitians do not know him?

Throw it all ok!

Philomene Medard C, November 25 2010, 3:50 PM

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