Dear Friend, There is coincidence of been paid agent; however...

Rev. Dr. Dumaine - November 27 2010, 1:30 PM

Dear Friend,

There is coincidence of been paid agent; however, God called me to be an agent of the truth.

You are very respectful person thus to say about your written.

As humanist and Christian, deciding to speak the truth was not my ideal, but it is really the Spririt of freedom for my brothers and sisters that makes become one among the many heroes.

I fought the good fight to free Haiti, so now it may be your turn.

Here is the truth, this Rev. Dr. Dumaine, has never met Guy Phillipe nor Aristide, except this last that I have defended Him in Whashington to allow Him to return Haiti, and mistakenly to destroy my country, people, and brothers ans sisters.

Bourik Charge should never be in the Land of Charlemagne Peralte.

Eh! by the way, You have chosen the name of a Hero; check the blog you should read all the articles that I wrote about this Grandeur d' Ame. You are almost understand me. I am one of the mass people that God chose to be His mouth piece.

I pray every day for God to protect those who are seeking equality in prosperity and wealth for all.

Please, tell something for the poor people.

If you defend the president, the governemnt, and the fanatism, then who will be the people's defender?

I will not forsake them nor left them orphan.They are my blood.

In the book of Samuel in the Bible, Elijah said to God " He is the only Prophet left in Isreal, and God Replied to Him I have many born and unborn Prophets that will never bow down in ffront of the devil.

My Haitian people are going be the victim of all.

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