Wikileaks: Haiti: Rene Preval: Deconstructing Preval: 30 Nov 2010

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Wikileaks released a confidential memo from the embassy of Port-au-Prince about Haiti President Rene Preval with the subject: "Deconstructing Preval", classified by Ambassador Janet A. Sanderson

The memo suggest that dealing with Preval is a challenge.

He is wary of change and suspicious of outsiders, even those who seek his success but Preval is likely the only politician capable of imposing his will on Haiti.

This wikileaks cable release talks a lot about Preval's personality, his fears, his focus on comprehensive constitutional reform, his health, his circle of friends, whether or not he listen to the news.

The memo also mention that president Rene Preval fears having to go into exile that for that reason along he may "orchestrate the 2011 presidential transition in such a way as to ensure that whoever is elected will allow him to go home unimpeded."

Read the memo on Wikileaks Website

Wikileaks Haiti Cable, December 2 2010, 8:58 AM

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