True Haitians do not exist anymore in Haiti and overseas. You...

Denise P. - December 5 2010, 9:14 PM

True Haitians do not exist anymore in Haiti and overseas.

You and your wealthy Haitian family are the ones putting Haiti into the mess that it has found itself after 206 years of internal colonization.

You are responsible for the Haitian Cholera disease with your wealthy family and along with other accolyte wealthy families you had called for it. MINUSTAH is in Haiti to protect your wealthy family and others and they are the ones inflicting that bacteriological disease to the Haitian masses to reduce their population considerably.

You had called for it, hypocrit and tricky mulatto woman.

Don't you have any shame in interfering into a national cause that creates obscurantism and analphabetism in Haiti?

Please leave your ignorance aside to embrace a national cause ok. We are all fifgting against your ignorance of the Creole language.

You will be the cause of the second social revolution in Haiti.

Babouket la ke ou mete nan jol Ayisyen pou ou menm ak fanmi ou ka kolonize yo a pral tonbe e ou sezi rizez.

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