Do you people listen to yourself and at least try to...

Guy Comeau - December 14 2010, 3:47 PM

Do you people listen to yourself and at least try to understand what being said on this post. This is very scary.

You did not even UNDERSTAND what was said:
Preval is trying to get people to identify with him by using his daughter or his daughter's name. That letter migt NEVER EXISTED.

Preval made it up.
Everybody has a father or a daughter, Preval knows that. So, he is using a family situation to get to the heart of the Haitian people.

What is so hard that you people can't understand?

Vous n'avez tout a fait rien compri a ce que j'ai dis. Vous avez l'audacite d'en repondre.

Haiti est ce que Haiti est a present a cause des gens comme vous: Des ecerveles.

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NON, vous ne me connaissez pa et c'est reciproque que...


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