Fox News, CNN & Haiti:Good Intentions, Analysis Misses the Mark by S. Lucas

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Haiti News Coverage: Good Intentions, but Analysis Misses the Mark by Stanley Lucas

Over the past few months, the major cable news outlets, such as CNN and Fox, have tried to cover the lack of recovery in Haiti and the chaos in the wake of the rigged elections.

The coverage has been somewhat inconsistent, however, and has unfortunately missed some key elements of the story.

Anderson Cooper had done round the clock coverage on Haiti in the wake of the January 12 earthquake, but has only followed up sporadically.

Bill O'Reilly offered hope to Haitians when he and Geraldo Rivera looked into the slow pace of recovery and the delay in remitting aid to the country.

O'Reilly pledged to stay on top of the story and hold people accountable, but it has been months since he has offered any update.For the full story click here:

Carline Marto, December 16 2010, 5:27 PM

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