What does she really mean by that because I am complitely lost...

Tiba - December 19 2010, 9:49 AM

What does she really mean by that because I am complitely lost in the translation.

Let say the translation is clear and well understood, who is going to take the lead on this so-called "Unity" task that she is suggesting to unite all of these segments of the Haitian society?

Will Michelle Jean take the leadership to reach that goal?

And if not, it is because she is being delusional?

This unity crap model has been talked about, has been studied, has been analysed, has been thouroughly thought out by Haitians long before Jesus Christ came, and to this day, it's still remained an empty promise, a "parol tafia".

Anyone with at least hafl brain knows very well that "Unifying" a country does require leadership that must come from the government, the higher up. Case in point, Obama ran and won under one of the premises to unify the country.

If Americans believe that it would take only the leadership of the government to unify the United States, why Haitians rather believe only on a ghost or an imaginary force to bring such unity in Haiti?

That is what called "delusional thinking."

As much as you all can hate ditaste the government, myself included, we all must understand the simple fact/concept of the relationship that exists between government and the people/citizens.

Government leads and the people follow.

The people takes directions from the government.

Right now, as it has been for a very longtime, Haitians have been more like a bunch of lost sheeps wandering in a desert with no directions, no instructions on how to get back on track.

They don't know what to do and where to go.

They are waiting as they have been for a longtime for a president to provide them such leadership by laying down his/her plans down to the people.

The people must know what the government wants of them.

The president can come to power to divide the country and fragmentise the Haitian society further, as the president can come to power to unite the the Haitian society and the entire country.

I get heartburns everytime I hear Haitians making remarks as if there's going to be a ghost emurging from the dead and unite Haiti, or maybe if they keep saying it long enough it will then be accomplished by itself.

It's like we will all go to bed one night and wake up the next morning to a unified Haiti.

Think people, think!

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