Tiba, go to my website, recycledplasticblockhouses.com An...

Harvey Lacey - December 29 2010, 9:55 PM

Tiba, go to my website, recycledplasticblockhouses.com

An African architect challenged me to find a way to build holistic housing for the third world poor like in his country of Kenya.

He defined holistic housing as not only providing shelter but opportunity for commerce.

If you look at my invention you will see a machine that uses no fuel and no electricity.

It makes building blocks out of trash plastic.

These blocks are tied together with wire. That means they will flex instead of breaking in an earthquake.

It's plastic so there isn't a problem with water like you will have with straw bale housing.

I have never been to Haiti.

But I understand there's a serious problem with plastic trash.

If that is so then a machine like mine can change Haiti from the ground up.

The machine can be made locally because the design and materials list is free on my website.

The business making the machine can sell it to local entrepeneurs who buy plastic trash from others.

They can then sell the plastic bulding blocks to contractors who build houses.

The houses can be sold to other Haitians.

Haitians can build houses they want and not have to settle for houses designed by others.

They won't have to settle for houses that others think they need or houses others think they should have.

Charity is a horizontal exchange.

What I've proposed is a vertical one that starts at the bottom and works up.

An African architect challenged me. I challenge you.

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