Harvey, I don't understand the meaning of this challenge you...

Tiba - December 30 2010, 12:52 PM


I don't understand the meaning of this challenge you just gave me since I never mentioned anything about housing, construction, and building materials in Haiti.

Since you gave me the challenge let me give you my 2 cents about it. Your idea is a very good one, unfortunately, it will not work in Haiti, and here's why; Haiti is a tropical country where the temperature reaches 110-115 even higher in the Summer.

I am not an enginerr or building architect but from a long list of considerations given to home/houses building codes and other reasons, homes/houses are also build according to regional weather as well.

I am not a construction/building expert but I am comfortable to say that Haiti does have very good cunstruction/building materials.

The eartquake did not destroy Haiti because of inferior materials but rather due to poor construction codes and engineering.

Haiti is a country where majority of homes/houses are poorely built.

Homes in Haiti are built by their proper orners who act as engineers even by those who are completely illeterate.

With that said, only cement block is capable to sustain the high heat of Haiti's burning sun. For example, cement blocks are not commonly used in the northern states of the US because it is too cold and snowy as cement block generates cold. Even though wood is very flamable but it happens to be the # 1 building material choice in that part of the US.

While cement block is the building material choice in the southern states of the US because it is hot in those states.

I am not knocking your idea down but just because something sounds good doesn't mean it is practical and useable everywhere in the world.

Your plastic blocks may work extremly well in that part of Africa where you are living, but not in Haiti.

This is not "one size fits all."

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