Thank you for your reply Tiba. I respectfully disagree with...

Harvey Lacey - December 30 2010, 7:59 PM

Thank you for your reply Tiba.

I respectfully disagree with you.

Go to my website and look at the blocks.

Here's why I think they're a good idea for Haiti as you describe it.

1. The plastic is a better insulator than the stone.

Keep in mind that the plastic blocks have to be plastered inside and out to be effective.

2. They're cheaper to make and easier to handle than concrete blocks.

3. They're safer because they're held together with wire. That means they will flex and not break in an earthquake.

And which would you rather have fall on you or your child?

a forty pound concrete block or a seven pound plastic block?

4. The other options being proposed to the NGO's and Haitian government involve rice straw bales and compressed earth bricks and bags. The plastic blocks are cheaper and easier to build with than either of the those options.

5. Probably most important of all is Haitians can build their own houses with their own blocks that they made. They don't have to settle for a house that some charitable foreigner thinks they need. They won't have to accept a shelter that's primary design involves making money for foreigners.

So please accept this challenge.

Look around and try to get a feeling of the problem of plastic debris.

Keep in mind that one house will remove approximately a shipping container's worth of plastic trash from the landscape and landfill.

Be my eyes on the ground.

I'm here in Texas.

But that doesn't mean I have to be blind about the truth in Haiti if I have someone acting as my eyes and local wisdom in Haiti.

Look at my website and study the machine.

Come up with flaws so we can fix them before anyone in Haiti tries to use the machine.

We can do this. harvey at harvey lacey dot com

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