Pierre, Chapo ba, papa! this a very well thought out and...

Tiba - January 2 2011, 6:44 AM


Chapo ba, papa! this a very well thought out and detailed essay/analogy, and I really applaud you with all honesty.

You have touched the sides of the two evils and of our deplorable condition and situation as a people, and that was beautiful.

Nontheless, let's be clear on one thing, I never dismissed the quality of the homes that I saw on the website.

I just don't think they fit the modern urban living, and therefore, will be accepted as modern homes in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

Pierre as you put it so very well not to complain especialy when we fail so miserably to come up with our own proposals and ideas, point very well taking.

However, just because an entire nation is in so dire need doesn't mean they have to accept anything, any offer, any proposal and idea that is put before them as long-term solutions to their propblem, unless the Haitian people are completely brainless or robots opperated by remote control.

According to an investigation done on the Haiti Reconstruction Effort that came out 2 or 3 weeks ago, it is said that no contract is given to Haitian contractors.

All contracts are given to foreign contractors.

The investigation reported that the foreign contractors do not hire the local workers, they bring their own labor force, wich is a gross violation of their contract.

Unfortunately, you will not get this type of information on the news because these big fat corporations control what gets in the news. But so far, according to the report, Haitians have not benefited from the billion dollar so-called "Haitian Reconstruction Effort."

The report went on to say that one thing that seems to be intentionally set in place to make it even harder for Haitian contractors to get contracts is an exhausting illish bidding process, which takes a lifetime to complete.

These Haitian contractors have to jump hoops and always end up with nothing In terms of foreign contractors, they do not bid to get any contract whatsoever.

According to the report, contracts get handed to foreign contractors.

They do not participate in the bidding process.

Pierre, understand one very important reality about this so-called "Haiti Reconstrustion effort" is that it is not running by Haitians nor by the Haitians government.

The Bill Clinton foundation, the UN, and USAID are they ones in charge.

They are the ones calling the shots.

This so-called reconstruction is aimed to benefit ONLY foreign companies while keeping Haitians at bay. Which means, it is very possible Haitian civil engineers' proposals/suggestions/ideas are not welcomed.

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