Hey Kamoken! Comment toute les bagay sont ye? Bonne Annee...

Tiba - January 2 2011, 2:21 PM

Hey Kamoken! Comment toute les bagay sont ye?

Bonne Annee!

Kamoken, you said it all. Unfortunately, no one would understand anything you just said because while majority of Haitians are living in a fanfasy world full of denial, the Americans and the foreigners refuse to face the fact of Haiti's reality.

Most of Haitians are on CIA's payrol to defuse the truth about the evilness of US foreign policy in Haiti so that Washington can sleep in peace with a conscience.

We all know that Haitians are responsible in part of Haiti's fallout and misdeed, but the United States and France are responsible for 75% of Haiti's misery, poverity, chaos, and grief.

The fact of the matter is, skin color and language dictate US foreign policy.

The whiter is the skin color and as long as the native language is English, the better off you are with US foreign policy.

Haiti, unfortunately, doesn't meet any of these 2 criteria.

Haitians, who don't know much about US foreign policy in Haiti, are the ones prone to call on the Haitian people to stop blaming others for Haiti's downfall, but these same people have no nrain power to ask themeselves the simplest question "How could Haiti ver become something if the country cannot do trade/commerce with other countries?

How could Haiti feed her people while being under so many ambargoes and economic sanctions?

Can some please tell the world how many foreign investors, factories, corporations, companies perished/destroyed in the earthquake?

I know no one can give a count because there weren't any. Haiti has been without foreign investors, factories, companies for decades.

Haiti has been under ambargoes/economic santions for decades, and yet, people keep blaming Haiti for being the poorest of the poor.

The United States has completely destroyed dismentaled collapsed Haiti's economy in 1992 through a naval baricade.

In the 90s, Aristide had borrowed $500 million from world bank, which the United States blocked from being released for which Haiti was paying $3 million every month on interest.

While the United States was forgiving foreign debts for countries all over the globe, there was never debt forgiveness for Haiti.

Jesse Helm, the late senator of South Carolina, had Congress to force Haiti to get rid of its rice production and pigs in order to buy only US rice and pigs. Today, Haiti's rice and pigs are all gone.

And all that is on the top of all the ambargoes and economic santions that were already imposed against Haiti for decades.

Can someone tell me if all that would ever happen to another country that is white?

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Hello Tiba and Pierre Great Job on your POST. First...


Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

I saw some prototype house design for Haiti on the Huffington post that look elegant and simple. Take a look at them...

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