Thank you Tiba Without doubts the Blanc mastered the...

Pierre F. Lherisson - January 2 2011, 5:14 PM

Thank you Tiba
Without doubts the Blanc mastered the technology of killing with a mathematical precision.

That is why they killed more people than any other race combined.

Since the 1960 they are trying to reduce the world population by advocating and fostering alternative lifestyle and by promoting in the media those that are embracing their desired lifestyle.

Do a little Google search on population control; check the program of Alex Jones on KSCO on the internet radio M-F from 11: P.M or the coast to coast program on the same station which is located in Santa Cruz, California.

Coast to coast has a short version on WOR in NY at night
Do you know the U.S. drones attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq are operated remotely from military bases located in the western US state of Nevada, California etc..

Do a little search on Google.

That is why they tried to teach the youngsters the art of killing at a tender age via video games.

It is not by accident that 98% of all movies shows killing with guns, knives etc.
The Blanc usually manages to select the traitors in Haiti and other third world countries by financing their elections and neutralizing their opponents.

The Blancs will offer such traitors material advantages for themselves and their network such as: families, friends, friends 'friend, mistresses, and collaborators
The January 12th 2010 earthquake compounded with the current epidemic of cholera that started in Haiti on November 2010 and the death of hundreds of thousands of fishes in the lac Azuei on December 2010 constitute a disaster of the first magnitude in Haiti.

This should serve as lesson to this current and future generation of Haitians politicians, government employees, military that are siphoning the public coffers and making deals with the foreigners at the expense of Haiti basic infrastructure, security and the wellbeing of the Haitian people.

Such defalcators should be equated as traitors to the nation and should be faced with harsh punishment.

To implement such action we will need to develop an interlock system of financial fraud police.

Such police will deal with financial fraud perpetrated by the Haitian government and be able to do outreach by hook or by crook even if the miscreant went into exile.

We should be able to return them to face judgment.

Thus, if a government employee know that he/she will not be safe at any speed with stolen Haitian money in Haiti or elsewhere because we will make him pay dearly; that person will thinks not twice but multiple times over before leaving Haiti in a C4 airplane with his accomplices, with suitcases full with monies beside what they managed to put in Swiss banks.

So those miscreants won't be able to spend the stolen monies on white women in Europe or elsewhere instead of spending it in Haiti.

For the housing problem in Haiti, I am short with arguments because I have not even a modicum of expertise in civil engineering, strength of materials, city planning and so on. Common sense is a very poor and misleading way to discuss matter that required rigorous scientific scrutiny.

But that will not preclude us from passing opinion whenever it is appropriate on the housing crisis in Haiti.

Meanwhile, what I think any Haitian could do out of thin air for Haiti is to try to build a database of information for potential needs of Haiti and the Haitian in the "dispora." Such as name address, phone numbers of services that might be helpful, Information is power.

Such information should not be copywrite and should be available to anyone.

I am planning to have a website this year as an info center.

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Pierre, Chapo ba, papa! this a very well thought out...


Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

I saw some prototype house design for Haiti on the Huffington post that look elegant and simple. Take a look at them...

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hello, for the most part i agree with all you say...

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