Thank you Kamokin. All of us are sharing the same concern and...

Pierre F. Lherisson - January 2 2011, 6:41 PM

Thank you Kamokin.

All of us are sharing the same concern and consternation regarding the state of great disorder under the Haitian sky.
You and Tiba have made rave comments on my last comment which I truly appreciated.

I just reply to Tiba. Some of my reply to him will supply the answers to the perplex experiences you had in Europe and your current concern about Haiti.

Regarding globalization they are trying to sell this agenda to the gullible and naive.

The same people who want to be in control everywhere they go and refuse to accept any order from black and other race will get the last word.
When everything will be in place for them such as global currency, global army, global police etc. then they will start to do ethnic cleansing.

They will do to the Africans the same thing they have done to the Tainos, Awawaks etc and declare Africa their territory.

That might follow by IQ triage where they will decide who should live who should die based on their level of IQ.
Remember we eat other animals not because they are physically weaker than us but because we are smarter than them otherwise those animal will eat us if they were smarter than us. In term of physical strength we are no match to most animals from the lion to the shark but we dominate them. This is not without reason that the National Rifle Association-NRA has a powerful lobby here despite of the fact this place has a strong military, police and a formidable arsenal that could destroy this planet many times over. They were told that resources are depleting and scarcity will be widespread that you will have to kill to protect yours or to seize what belong to other to survive.

The Final stage will follow by eugenic triage among them.
Read the Brave new World by Aldous Huxley, Introductio sur l'inegalite des races humaines par Arthur de Gobineau, read the works of Arthur Schopenhauer,

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Hello Tiba and Pierre Great Job on your POST. First...


Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

I saw some prototype house design for Haiti on the Huffington post that look elegant and simple. Take a look at them...

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