More reasons 4 supporting PRP

Ayisyen Patriyot - September 7 2006, 5:01 PM

I support PRP (President Rene Preval)
Because he's the choice of the Haitian people through a fairly well organized election;
Because he does not care about money (li pa vole);
Because he's a man of reconciliation, that's what he wanted to do in his first term but the demon Aristide would not let him; After the elections, you remember Baker and Manigat both saying :"I don't have any problem with the man";
He does not bother anybody and he listens to every body.
The man is simple.

Pouvwa pa fel sou, li deja sou lan byel ak sowo-l;

Watch: as long as he keeps Aristide away, you'll see: After 5 years Haiti will sure have another less sorry face.

Bal yon ti tan.
Give him some time.
Crimes are going down. Electricity distribution is getting better.

Things will improve.

Bal yon ti tan.
Men depil kite Aristid tounen bagay yo pral gate, Map rele chalbari tankou anpil moun lan peyi-a ki degoute ansasen sa-a. Si mo te gen pouvwa, JanDominik ta al toufe-l lan Jwanesbou, enbesil la, epi la pe.

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