Pierre, most of the time you do have great insights with a...

Marjorie Middy - January 4 2011, 9:26 PM

Pierre, most of the time you do have great insights with a mathematical precision and you backed them up with supporting data with same ideologies as yours: You are good at this one. One of your blog however left me totally confused.

You talked about globalization as a new ideology."Regarding globalization they are trying to sell this agenda to the guillable and naive".

Globalization is over and a done deal. We are facing a post-globalization period.

This is the reason that neoliberalism is so popular in Europe but never made a grand stand in North America...In all fairness Neoliberalism is an ideology that is still a work in progress...It is not a finished product yet, but neoliberalism addressed the issue of global economic inequalities...which is a bi-product of racial inequality.

Here, I thought that the Euro was a necessity in Europe due to globalization.

Maybe you can correct on this one.
Globalization usually referred to economic globalization.

They are not referring to all the countries becoming One State.

Besides, the US definitely owned the military control.

A good portion of US budget goes to military spending...With heavy military artillery, who needs physical strength?

Ethnic cleansing is essentially being done to people of African-descent people by controlling their country's economic freedom...and also with Africans in Africa mostly by European-descent people.

Haven't you seen "Blood Diamonds"?

Ethnic cleansing has been done in Europe too, remember the former Yugoslavia?

In the name of humanity, how could you disregard such atrocities?

They were Whites, but they were human beings just as the same.
Needless to mention Hitler and the Jews. That was ethnic cleansing too...

Since Iron Age, selection from the masses to a higher economic status was being done through the proliferation of "intelligent poor" trough the clergy.

The "Jesuits" had mastered that principle to an art. Well, they had to give one thing up: having a family of their own. We will educate you, but we can't afford you to pass on that knowledge to your genes.

Today, we have scholarships and grants to help the "intelligent poor".

This is still a selection and affirmative action was working for awhile in America...but folded under political pressure...

Get with it brother, the new game in town is over clean water and natural resources such as oil. Iraq got 90% of the world oil. Have not you seen the world news lately?...But the plot thickens because Asians are getting in the game, namely the Chinese and they represent more than half of the world population.

They are the world Majority and may win this war by their sheer presence in numbers and their strategic proliferation in the global economy.

Get with the program, brother.

Stay well.

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