We might be bracing for a natural catastrophe of the fist magnitude

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Thousands of fish were found dead in Haiti.

In USA thousands of dead fish were found in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana; millions of dead fish were found dead in in the state of Maryland.

Similar incidents happened in Brazil, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Thousands of dead birds are falling from the shy of Arizona, Louisianan, and Sweden.

Speculations abound about the causes.

Specialists in biology and environmental disaster so far are unable to tell what cause this global sudden death of so many fish and birds within the last two weeks.

Speculations abound about the probable causes of this ecological disaster include but not limiting to the followings:
1-Chemical release from undersea volcanoes
2-Testing or releasing of some unknown chemical in the environment
3-Chemical release from British Petroleum-BP disaster
4-Birds are sensitive to electrostatic charges.

Noise and thunder could irritate them that are why they fly low before a storm.

Piezoelectric activity resulting from aftershock earthquake might be a culprit
5-Testing of some secret military weapons by one of the big powers
6-Fireworks celebration for the New Year killed the birds-
7-The least imaginative think that it is an act of god
I think that speculation # 1 to speculation # 5 are more likely because fishes and birds use water and might have been exposed to the same chemical substance Speculation # 4 might affect birds and fish in a specific region but not worldwide Speculation # 5 is plausible but it is too vague to speculate since it might involve any type of weapon that work on entirely different principles.

Speculation # 6 does not make sense for birds since they have a very sophisticated navigational system and they can detect and compensate for minutes atmospheric changes, perturbations and electrical field while traveling.

I never see bird collide with each other, with any moving or stationary object.

Speculation # 7 I don't know.

Pierre F. Lherisson, January 5 2011, 5:16 PM

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