Vilbrun Guillaume Sam = Rene Preval death!

Tiba - January 6 2011, 6:18 PM

Once upon a time Haitians were courageous with back bone who didn't think no prisoner.

In 1915, Haitians were sick and tired of the government's nonsense, and therefore they walked up to the National Palace and killed Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, the president.

Why is it so difficult, today, for Haitians to do the same thing to Rene Preval?

It is because Haitians have lost their back bone and courage or it is because Haitians have become too scared of the white master of punishing them?

A world without Preval would be better and Haiti would certainly be a much better place to live in without Preval warming the streets.

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Antonioj says...

I am glad you came alone and de-masked Preval the clown for what he really is.. a murder more »

Zac says...

lol, Tiba it's not because Haitians have lost their courage, it's the UN, they're protecting Preval. The UN doesn't... more »