Baby Doc (Jean-Claude) Duvalier is back! now what?

Tiba - January 16 2011, 5:30 PM

Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier has just landed in Haiti this afternoon.

Now what?

Will he (Baby Doc) be replacing Preval?

Was Preval waiting for Jean-Claude's arrival to P-A-P before deciding on the OAS report?

Or is this a psychological game France is playing with Haitians?

Can somebody please tell me what's going on here?

Here's the article.

Read it

Ex-dictator 'Baby Doc' returns to Haiti: airport source
Author: AFP
posted on: Sun, 16 Jan 2011

advertisementPORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan 16, 2011 (AFP) - Ousted strongman Jean-Claude "Baby
Doc" Duvalier returned to Haiti on Sunday after some 25 years in exile as the
country wrestled with a post-election crisis, an airport official told AFP.
"The aircraft has landed.

He is in seat 3A and 3B," the official told AFP
on condition of anonymity.

Duvalier was ousted from power in 1986 by massive anti-government
demonstrations after his family and supporters were accused of plundering tens
of millions of dollars of state funds.

A diplomatic source in Paris also confirmed to AFP that Duvalier was en
route to Haiti Sunday.

"He is on board an Air France flight" going to Port-au-Prince, the diplomat
who requested anonymity told AFP.
The 59-year-old ex-dictator has been living in exile in France for n

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Linda says...

Tiba, not because Baby Doc is coming from France means that it is the French who are manipulating the situation... more »

Zac says...

Hi Linda, I think you might be right, this may all be Preval's doing. But if a civil war break out in Haiti, which... more »

Linda says...

Hi Zac, It's a nice surprise to see that you are still here. I only saw Tiba's post. But it is nice to know that you... more »

Zac says...

I'm not a regular anymore, I check the site once in a while to see what is being said but i rarely post anything. Like... more »

Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...

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