Wawa you have to understand that a lot of people benefited...

Zac - January 20 2011, 7:58 AM

Wawa you have to understand that a lot of people benefited when Duvalier was in power and it wouldn't surprise me if it is these same people who are now applauding and saying let bygone be bygone.

And you notice how they call for some exiles to come back while objecting to others.

People wonder why politicians continue rape Haiti.

It's because we never hold anybody accountable for their crimes.

Some say Haitians never let go of a grudge, Duvalier facing justice has nothing to do with holding a grudge and if we really want to move forward we need to learn punish the guilty.

One of the reason society punish the guilty is to discourage others from doing the same thing.

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you said let bygone be bygone.I assume you had not...


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