Leoganes, listen Human Rights or Watch were there when the...

Toulimen - January 21 2011, 12:28 AM

Leoganes, listen Human Rights or Watch were there when the Duvaliers were killing those people and what did they do?

Rather they had given them more money to kill them in order to decrease the Haitian population.

Duvaliers killed all those people under the label communists and that had pleased the international community and the United States as well. After the communists came the war on drugs and terrorism for better control of the Caribbean world by those imperialistic countries.

They could have overthrown Duvalier and tried him in Haiti for his crimes if they wanted to. What they did they had exiled him instead to silence him where he was for 25 years.

Now, after 25 years they had returned him to die in his country.

Duvalier came to liquidate his wealth as managed by the Baker family and Mevz as well. Please do not fool yourself crying for justice ok. Depi kile ravet te gen rezon devan poul. Haitian Bourgeois know to brainwash us and play game with us. It is the time for nationale reconciliation to end exile for all and to repeat Middy let those past thieves teach others not steal for they really knew how to steal.

You think that I am a fan of Aristide and Duvalier.

I am not but history tells me to put my ignorance aside to understand the Haitian Bourgeoisie game and the international community as well and especially the United States.

Louvri je ou pou ka konprann sa kap pase la. Mwen pa konnen anyen nan politik e mwen te fet ye dapre jan ou pale ak mwen la. Respe pou ou vye fre e ouvri je ou pou ou ka we sa kap fet tande...

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I applaud you for your hunger for reconciliation and...


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