Thank you Raymond Olander for visiting our site, many more...

Marjorie Middy - January 21 2011, 9:49 PM

Thank you Raymond Olander for visiting our site, many more happy returns.

Let me congratulate you on being an "American".

Us Haitians, we are proud of being Haitians just as well. For your information, Haiti is about 1% White, 10% Mulattoes and 89% Black.

Check with your CIA info Book. Never mind, Your CIA may not print the truth to the general public because then they might have to behave differently.

You might know what I am talking about; Black on Black crimes are treated differently than non-Black crimes...If Haiti is 100% Black, your CIA does not have to respond properly...

I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but was raised and educated in America for most of my life. I am an Haitian-American.

You said you grew up in Virginia, Where were you born?

West Virginia, perhaps?...or maybe the Appalachians?

with no cable and higher education...Apparently your brush with diverse ethnic groups in bustling Florida did not do you any good, huh?

Learning is sometimes hard, I understand...

Your paternalistic ideology towards Haiti and Haitians is offensive and simplistic...

America is great in so many ways, I agree.

But to think that Haiti should model herself after America is not correct...

For your information, your tax dollars did not go so much towards foreign aid in Haiti but more towards military expenditures domestically and abroad, so that we can pretend that we are safe at home;We can play "Big Brothers" to the rest of the world...for a little while more...

Raymond, you are again wrong, if you supposedly White and a Black brother entered a store, guest who the sales person is going to watch closer for possible shoplifting?

Sorry to disappoint you, but "Whiteness" is not all what it takes in America: Otherwise, we would not have "Little Germany", "Little Italy", "Little Ireland", "Jewish Ghettos" in most part of Big City, USA.
You forgot to mention religion, a big part of segregation equation.

Not everyone was able to hop aboard "Mayflower" at the same time, but this is not a valid reason for us to be denigrated.

Personally, you are welcome on this site, but you are not allowed to be condescending.

P.S. don't bother answering me back, as this is a mute point.

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