The United States Is The Obstacle To Haiti's Economic Development

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Haiti is owned by the United States and all Haiti's economic resources are inventoried and sealed by the United States as Strategic U.S. Reserve Mineral Wealth.

Brazil and Venezuela have technology and they had offered help to develop those economic resources but the United States prohibited the Haitian government to sign any contract with them. How can this country develop when the United States owns its economic resources on its own soil?

The United States has planted its CIA spies in all Haiti's institutions to spy on its behalf.

The worst of it those spies are Haitian agents paid to do their dirty works.

The Mormon Jews are the greatest CIA spies in Haiti.

In Haiti, anyone can get you killed and collected his money on the CIA's payroll list after your death.

CIA had already killed many good Haitians that wanted economic progress for Haiti.

The CIA's killing death list is long in Haiti.

They can launch any attacks against you if you want your country to be developed.

They can start bacteriological warfare against you by poising your rivers and wells and the cholera is an example of U.S. WARFARE against Haiti and they will always put the blame on the back of someone else. Those CIA agents have gone crazy in their acts of killing just to sell their stupid junk made medicines in the U.S. That is why they have jobs in the U.S. They have to get people sick outside of the world so they can sell their stupid medicines to enrich themselves.

The CIA agents can kill you through your own doctor and they can use your own wife or your children to poison you. Haiti cannot develop and politics will remain the same for the U.S. CIA is the obstacle to its own economic development.

When the United States realizes that good Haitian employees want to do good work inside any institutions, they use their corrupted Haitian spies to create corruption schemes and business will continue as usual.

Many Haitians in the Diaspora are on the CIA's killing list to get killed once they decide to go back to Haiti to make a living.

You will get killed by CIA Haitian agents and the investigations will continue all over again.

Haiti is a self-contained state by the United States and there is no room for a strong democracy to occur and there is no room for economic development to occur too.

Under the Judeo-Christianism faith, Haiti is doomed to failure and it will always be a failed state, for the United States is the obstacle.

This kind of imperialistic attitude creates lazyness, mendicity and corruption in Haiti.

This is the kind of social revolution that we needs to implement in Haiti with all Haitians.

Rich and poor and all Haitians in all sectors should unite themselves to promote the causes of the Haitian people.

We should sign a mutual pact to liberate Haiti from the United States and from there economic progress can occur.

Jean-Claude Duvalier is a victim of the CIA's actions in Haiti and if he points finger at them he will get killed or poisoned like Jean-Claude Paul. How come Americans have such a great destruction power in our country?

By not uniting ourselves, we have given them the power over us and the power to destroy us silently.

Haitians in the diaspora and in Haiti be careful while dealing with Americans.

You are being destroyed by the same hands that are feeding you. Try to feed yourself first and stay away from this killing machine to free your country.

We can develop if we know how to control the Americans for they are the obstacles to our economic development.

I am not saying to engage in any fight with them or hate them but we must say like China, America must stop its politic of self-containment against us so we can invest in education, science and technology like any other countries around the world.

America must renounce to its politic of self-containment towards us for real economic progress to occur in Haiti.

With unity, peace and reconciliation we will win this fight and Haiti will be free forever...

Toulimen, January 23 2011, 9:04 AM

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