Centrism Idea: Ending The State of Impunity in Haiti

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The new president of Haiti should adopt a centrist position to govern Haiti.

I do not know if Michel Martelly could do that. Some people say that Martelly has a gender identity problem i.e. he does not know if he is a heterosexaul or homosexual person.

To clarify this idea, I would say that culturally speaking if a Haitian is grounded into the Haitian folklore one could understand that Haitian person has a gender identity problem.

Sweet Micky is a sort of personification and a continued inspiration of Koupe Cloue in terms of pointing out our dirty social behaviors.

I cannot assume that Micky is a homosexual person.

He loves the Haitian culture and he expresses all along his songs by playing all gender roles whether this character is a male or female.

Therefore, by playing all gender roles in songs cannot make a person an homosexual for that and that does not indicate by any means that person has an identity problem.

I may be wrong in my analysis but that is what I understood while I was studying race, ethnicity and gender roles in political sciences.

Micky personifies and symbolizes the true Haitian culture like the Great Singer Salif Keitha from Mali. I want Micky to succeed...

I want him to adopt a centrist position by not fighting with any imperialistic countries, but I want him to tell them the truth about their politics of self-containment over Haiti and over the independence of this great nation in the Western Hemisphere.

I want him to issue an executive order to prevent all foreign medias from not using bad images of Haiti which do not bring respect at all to Haitians overseas.

I want him to create a Social Identification System for all Haitians in Haiti so they can be accounted into the system.

I want him to revoke all former identification numbers and pass a law to punish severely stolen identities.

From there, we will know who gets bribed and paid to do dirty and criminal works in Haiti.

He needs to bring all Haitian business men and women on the table to renegotiate a true social contract to lift up Haitians from poverty.

He needs to create an open market share with the rich so they can invest in many areas in Haiti.

He needs to bring foreign capitals on board to allow competition for greater goods and services in Haiti.

He needs to revive the Haitian agriculture to feed Haitians in haiti so we can stop importing chemical foods from the United States.

American foods are not good and they are lack of nutrients.

The nutrients get extracted from those foods to be in pills as over the counter medications.

They are selling foods with no vitamins and necessary nutrients such as enzymes, magnesium, potassium and fiber to name a few just to make people fat and sick.

U.S. corporations are dominated by greed and that is why they are producing those junk foods and medicines whereas Canada and other European Countries are producing good foods to save and protect lives.

We need a president to tell Americans the truth about themselves and why we cannot continue on this path. If we have to import those chemical foods from the United States, they have to supply us cheap medicines so we can deliver to Haitians to replace those missing and necessary nutrients.

He will need to tell Americans to stop containing Haiti, for it is not good for our our elites and the elites of America too. We can do businesses together but they need to respect us for who we are and what we stand for. He needs to articulate this message at the United Nations so the world can understand the truth about the poverty of Haiti.

He needs to resign a pact with all the Nations of the United Nations to make America lift up or renounce to his self-containment politics that create more poverty, suffering and the destruction of our lands.

He needs to tell them that he loves America but America needs to treat Haiti better if they are not ungrateful people.

He needs to remind them the sacrifices that Haiti made in the past to free America from the British Empire.

He needs to rearticulate our core Haitian values so the world can understand who we are. He needs to tell America to withdraw all the CIA spies in Haiti so Haiti can develop itself.

He needs to tell America that CIA must stop engaging in coup d'etats and criminal assassinations of true and intellectuals in Haiti.

He needs to tell them enough is enough and the whole world is tired with those dirty politics of Haiti.

He needs to tell America that Haiti is a free country and Haiti should have the right to develop its economic resources.

He needs to get an executive order to ban the American Protectorate over Haiti for Haiti is not in war with any nations.

This Protectorate is the one that gives the United States the right to invade our territory when they want, kill people when they want and foment political troubles when they want too. Enough is enough and Haiti must be free at last...

Toulimen, January 23 2011, 11:09 AM

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