I don't think that America will be a good example, but we do...

James M. - January 24 2011, 9:29 PM

I don't think that America will be a good example, but we do have to learn a lot from America, not based on the way they were treated their blacks.

We need to have things like Freedom of religion as strong as it is in America by respecting the law and the right of everybody ( Vodouyizan and Christians).

we need schools for everyone in everywhere in the country ( primary and secondary, Specially tech school)because if we need to have Justice in Haiti, it will require a larger Middle Class like they do have in America.

Of Course we need to reunited Haiti, I totally agree with you about the tone skin issue in Haiti, and I think that is a part of the big mess we have in Haiti now. Certain Haitians might not like to hear it, but there are facts from the past showed our stupidity about stone skin color.

A country that have been freed since 1804, and we still have more than 40% of our population that are illiterates.

The Mulattos and the few black that were well educated in this period of time should accept the blame for not insisted in educating their nation..

We, as Haitian should ask ourselves; why that has happened?

it is true that Christianity has played a role on that, but still we are the ones who have to choose what we want and what is the best for our own. We failed doing that.Sad and paradoxical, in 1914 when the Americans invaded Haiti, they were the first who tried to eradicate this stupid prejudice that our elites had at this time, by creating more school, hospitals.

(for the Haitians, there is an article about this in Le Nouveliste check it out.Of course the Americans had done a lot of hurts to Haitian at this time, but once again we should have learned from our mistake and move on. What did we do?

got back to corruptions, ignored once again the paeson cacos and the paeson du Marche a terre that have helped to force the Americans to leave the country by stereotyping them as Vodouyizan and backwards mentality.Haitian, I know we are proud of nation, and we should.

We need also to not denying some truths about our political and social history because we need them to help us build a new country.

I think it is time for the young Haitians to sit and think about a new Haiti by learning from other countries that have been successful.

No more time for personal interest or political power."Haitian Pride" of course, but we need more than that to fight corruption, illiteracy, discrimination (religion) and social Justice.

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