Toulimen, You're killing me, man! There is a part in the bible...

Tiba - January 25 2011, 6:36 PM


You're killing me, man!

There is a part in the bible where Jesus and his disciples came upon a man who was born blind, and one of the disciples asked Jesus if the man was born blind as curse in revenge of some wrong doing of his parents.

Jesus responded, no! this man was born blind so the glory of God can be shined.

Toulimen, I am really disappointed in you to believe that homosexuality is a proces, a life style, a choice, lack of women causes homosexuality, etc. etc...this is the most absurd analogy that I have ever heard especially from a caliber mind like you.

First of all, there has never been a shortage of women ever in the history of mankind.

There has always been more women than men in the history of humanity.

Humanity comes into life in many different shape and form and are born: men, women, homosexuals, hetrosexual, blind, born with down syndrome, born with autism, born with disabilities, born with man and female's parts (shemales), etc. etc...

If homosexual is a learned behavior then the same can be said about hetrosexual as well.

Toulimen did you learn to become an hetrosexual?

Would you consider hetrosexual as a process or a life style?

You asked me the question "Is being civilized Tiba means to embrace homosexuality as a normal way of life?" Yes, Toulimen, that's exactly what I am saying.

Civilization is not about technology, Iphone, internet, and big technology machines and equipments, but it is rather about how we interact between each other as human beings.

The advanced technology modernizes how we "DO" (build) things, how we work.

There is big difference between Civilization and Modernization.

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