Toulimen, I think you hang around too many right wing radical...

Tiba - January 26 2011, 6:33 AM


I think you hang around too many right wing radical conservatives.

These are the people who don't believe hollocost ever happened, climat change, and just 2 days ago Michele Buckman said that there never slavery in the United States, etc. etc...

It is very hard and even impossible to educate/enlightning/inform/ or even debate someone with conservative view on anything whatsoever.

Toulimen, the reason why the constitution of the UNited States was written 7 times before they finally passed it, it's because these white conservatives radical could not agree that a Slave was a full human being.

There are still those people out there, in this 21st century, who still believe and consider Black people as 3/5 of a person.

I hope you get mi drift.

I was born in Haiti as a boy and I was not taught how to be a boy/man. I did not go through a process.

I was not dressed in blue, and given any toys for boys to play with. First of all, the Haiti that I grew up in did not have toys then. I don't remember going to voice therapy so I can learn to talk like a man, etc..


You are what you are long before you popped out of your mother's belly whether as a male, a female, gay, white, or black.

The process is taking place inside of your mother's romb and not after.

Toulimen how do you explain white parents who give birth to black babies not because they hava had sex with any black person nor that they have any black in their families and the same is true for black parents.

I think you (Toulimen) get confused with those people who are what's called curious.

These are the people who experiment homoxesuality activities just to see how it feels.

These people are not necessarily gays or lisbians.

There are those who are both, they like women and the like men too.

But the true born gay is only attract to that one same sex/gender person.

It is not a curiosity nor a bi-sexual behavior.

It is what it is!

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