Is there any possibility for GOD to destroy the advanced...

Toulimen - January 26 2011, 10:24 AM

Is there any possibility for GOD to destroy the advanced nations (G-8 Countries) as the ones promoting such a lifestyle to reduce the world population?

Sterilization has been silently conducted in many hospitals around the world.

Some Caribbean nations accept this process to reduce their population so they can avoid the notion of being overpopulated.

Haiti does not opt for any of the above practices and as result its population is uncontrollable.

To reduce it considerably, the United Nations under the U.S. lead has to dictate to Haiti what to do. Our elites could not do anything to stop it unless we elect a strong leader to say enough is enough.

Should Haiti opt for homosexuality with the secret gender sex vaccines or sterilization?

What are your views on that?

We are socially brainwashed to believe that economic resources are scarce and we should reduce our population and compete with ourselves if we want to survive.

Do you buy that?

Manje ak byen materyel sou la te tre ra e se pou nou goumen antre nou pou nou ka manje si nou vle siviv tou. Alos ke gwo peyi ap gaspiye tout byen la te san goumen.

Ki sa pou nou kwe la...

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