Toulimen, I never accused you of attaching to any "white...

Tiba - January 26 2011, 7:08 PM


I never accused you of attaching to any "white" conservative views.

I was just being sarcastic when I said "you seem to hang around too many "Right Wing Conservatives."

Toulimen you know very well how much I respect and admire your intelligence and knowledge for me to put such accusation against you.

With that said, let it be known to all that I am not homosexual and nor that I ever have homosexuality tedencies.

There is no homosexual in my family, I have no homosexual friends nor that I work with any homosexuals.

Toulimen, once again, homosexuality is NOT a process nor evolution.

Mankind is always in constant "evolution" every second, minute, hour, day week, month, and year. Everything on the planet evolves.

Regardless of Haiti's failure, regardless of the poverty, misery, etc. etc...

the Haitian people and things in Haiti never stop evolving.

Evolution is constant while process is a system used to arrive to a conclusion or end result.

Though remind you that the radical conservatives do not believe in Evolution.

And therfore, those who believe homosexuality is a process need to explain the process to me and to the world.

Unfortunately, you and others keep referring to a "Vaccine" used by white people to change the chromosone and turn babies into homosexuals that I have never heard of before.

I do know, however, a couple of years ago there was talk about a procedure offered to parents to change the sex of a babie while in the romb of the mother.

This procedure was very controversial at the same level of the "cloning" issue, and was put to rest.

Give me and to the world some examples of some people you know who became homosexuals through the use of this vaccine.

Toulimen this was a well fabricated propaganda used by the anti-homosexual movement in order to make their case. That's what radical people do. They make things up, they fabricate stories, the maipulate situations, and even resort to violence in order to force their sickening opinion down others throats.

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Tiba, I am not attached to any white conservative...


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