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Tiba - January 27 2011, 6:37 AM


You killing me, man! and you are now insulting your good friend's (Moi) intelligence too. Toulimen, I have never accused you of anything, and if I came across as such, I apologize!

Toulimen, throughout our exhausting endless debate you cannot show me anywhere that I ever used not one quote or mentioned the work of a white or black researcher or expert on this issue of homosexuality to support my argument.

And yes, I must admit that I've heard, listened, and participated in many workshops/seminars/conferences on homosexuality given by whites, but at the end of the day trust me when I say that I always came out with my own conclusion because I am a free thinker.

So to be clear, I do not depend on any white person/people or black for that matter for my thinking process nor to shape my belief system either.

Like you, I must also say that I am a poor educated black man with a brain full of common sense, wisdom with a little knowledge.

I have done my share of research over the years too.

Now back to our debate

I do understand very well where you're coming from, your logic, etc. etc...but a lot of whay you say don't hold reality.

For instance you keep referring to some kind of "biopower" purposely injected in human to make them sick, and you analogy about some suffering with allergy, etc. etc...

I just don't believe nor agree with any of it.

Everybody knows even the monkeys, that immune system is key for these ailments: allergy, headache, fever, cold, etc. etc...

Some people immune system is stronger and more resistant to these type of illnesses than some other people.

Also, some people respond differently to certain meds than some other people taking the same medications and some people would have totally an adversed reaction to certain meds as well.

Furthermore, many people act, react, and feel differently according to their geographic location.

For example, many people who live in the southern parts of the United States feel much better than those living in the north, east, etc...

I never experienced allergies all the years I lived in Florida until I moved to New York. I didn't even know what allergy was. And I never remember ever being injected with the so-called "biopower."

Toulimen, I am not that naive to dismiss the evil work of the government on citizens in this country.

Well know very well that the government has used human beings especially blacks and those with disabilities in medical experimentations, for example, syphilis, chikenpox just to name a few, but I think your assertion is a little over the top.

But I still love you and think of you as a good blogger friend with a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Talk to you later and have a wonderful day!

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