Forget about the army thing

Ayisyen Patriyot - September 9 2006, 4:15 PM

You wrote a beautiful peace marketing the re....

whatever of the army. The army, let me remind you, has done nothing after the death of Dessalines.

Did they stop the mulattoe presidents to buy our independence from France for 26 million after all the bloodshed for that independence?

Did they defend us from that single German boat (captain Bach) under Sam?

Did they defend us from the occupation in 1915?

Did they organize the country in 1986 after the dictator left?

All that is going on right now is a product of an insignigcant army whose members cared only about money and social status (they want many women).

We don't need an army. How the hell an army can be independent?

No army can be independent, it would be a chaos.

It has to respond to a civil authority, which would be the president or the prime minister.

If, however, we want to build an army of constructors, I am all for it. The members cannot be stupid though.

They have to be at least high school educated, ready to assimilate basic knowledge for construction, disaster reliefs, border patrol;
This whole chaos we're living now was provoked by the army.
None of them has any feeling for the people.

Aristide did the right thing by kicking their butts and that's the only positive thing he did in his sorry life besides having fooled all of us.

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