Toulimen, You have been saying all along that you are not...

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You have been saying all along that you are not brain washed by whites and that you do a lot of research, and my question to you is, isn't Darwin white?

Aren't all of these researchers whites?

I now understand where you get your way of thinking from. You read too much about Darwin.

I don't understand why you have to pay for research when it's all free.

The little bit of research that I do, I used "Peer Reviewed" journals and articles and I would suggest you use them instead of "Google Scholar."

Since you are still in school you would have full access to them from your college library.

I don't think Google scholar really offers that much of scientific research as the "Peer Reviewed" journals and articles.

You have to be in college to get access to Peer Reviewed journals and articles.

You don't use google to access peer reviewed journals and article.

You have to go through a process by using certain creteria, code words and terminalogies to access them. I am sure the librarians in your college library will be more than happy to help you with that.

You can search about "Biopower" again to see if you get the same conclusion because if it's not supported by peer reviwed it means it's a hogwash.

I hope you'll thank me some day.

Good luck my friend!


Tiba, January 27 2011, 12:13 PM

Topic: Joel Osteen on CNN: Homosexuality Is a SIN

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