No body care if somebody like u talk like that about a place...

Richelle - January 30 2011, 6:04 AM

No body care if somebody like u talk like that about a place where your parents from. It so unfortunate that place appen to be my sweet home haiti.

It is clear you do not from well educated haitian parents.

whatever u sees on TV on a regular besis about haiti, we are a country like any other country stupid.The reason i say u do not from well educated haitian parents becaus they should have been talk to you about haiti.

Maybe they did so but u just want to play stupid.

Haiti its not only country that going through political mess, hardship, other places have hearthquake, other places protest when things go wrong, other places have bad people, bad area, people go stave, on in on stupid.

I do not care where your ass born, but i want u to get it!aslong u have haitian blood running through your vein your ass is haitian regardless of how u feel about it.Now about those celebreties you say denied of being haitian, do your research before u say thing stupid.

I know u stupid but um just piece of advice.

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