Adams! Adams! Adams! You are the prime example of the typical...

Tiba - January 30 2011, 8:08 AM

Adams! Adams! Adams!

You are the prime example of the typical uncle Tom of the world!

I would assure you that Haiti will rise from the ashes again.

This is not the first time. The Haitian people have done it before in the past, and this time Haiti will not need you when the dust settles as she doesn't need you right now.

You said "I don't know if one day I will identify myself as Haitian but Haitians are very far to be civilized people."

Once again, Haiti will never want you to identify yourself as one of her own, and while in the subject, if you weren't so brainwashed by the white brainwashers who made you believe that Haitians are nothing and African Americans are nothing either, you would know that the Haitians were the ones who brought "Civilization" to this world and that this country (US) was built on the bare back of the African Americans.

These are the things, the gifts, you need to be grateful to.

It always amazes me listening to black people who made it to the top or rose above the odds how the think about those who are still down the bottom.

For example, Michael Steel, the former RNC chairman, and many others like him, dosn't believe in racism and slavery in this country called The United States of America.

He believes in hard work and opportunities in order to make it in the US because that's how he made it to the top. You see, that's how ALL uncle Toms like you think.

It's not your fault, but understand the real fact, unless you are "A Pure" white of European decent, you are still a no good "Nigger" in the eyes of white Americans regardless of your success and accomplishments.

Haven't you watched how they have been treating Borak Obama, the first black US-president?

Regardless of his high achievement, he is still a no good nigger in their eyes.

So don't fool yourself!

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