Toulimen, You said "This Petrus keeps voicing revolution and...

Tiba - January 30 2011, 9:12 AM


You said "This Petrus keeps voicing revolution and that is not what we are debating now and if he does not stop I will publish his info by next week."

Do you know exactly what kind of "revolution" this bonehead is referring to?

I, for one, do believe that Haiti really needs a Revolution if we want to rise from the ashes.

Haitians must understand that ALL revolutions don't necessarily mean they have to be violent.

There are many different ways/approaches to have revolutions depending what we want to achieve.

For example, the current uprising in Egypt is a revolution which is a non-violent one. We, Haitians, tend to react too quickly to statements and actions of other without thinking it through first.

Hence, look how Haitians reacted to Jean-Claude Duvalier's return in Haiti.

They only see the evilness, revenge, and rage. They only see the negative side of his return.

However, if they could think it through first, they would find out there is a way to exploit his return to benefit the country.

We, Haitians, need to understand and realize that NOT everything is bad nor can be bad. There are 2 sides of every situation, bad & good/negative & positive but Haitians tend to focus only and solely on the bad and the negative sides of everything.

Let's try to see the Glass Half Full from this moment on for a change.

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I am trying to see if I can track him down. This is...


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Tiba, we can always have a social revolution occured...

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