Jean Pierre, That was precisely my point: This mentality has...

Marjorie Middy - January 31 2011, 3:09 PM

Jean Pierre, That was precisely my point: This mentality has got to stop. The Haitian masses MUST be respected.

The Haitian language MUST be respected...

In Country, I made it a point to address people everywhere in HAITIAN.

If they answered back in French, I continued speaking Haitian to them. I got replies like would you like me to talk to you in French or Haitian.

My answer was always the same: Haitian, of course.

By eliminating French as the official language, we are only hurting our folks because the Middle and the Upper classes folks can always send their kids to school to French speaking countries.

The good international jobs will go to them. There will always have that tyranny and resentment.

Thus creating a deeper disparity between the classes.

I was jolted back to Haitian reality.

I forgot how rude and evil some people can be.
Some Haitians are stone cold and have no soul.
I was taken aback by some folks arrogance and a false sense of security...

They are just suicidal.

There is nowhere, no how anybody in today's world where diversity is the key that racism should be that blatantly glaring; Especially in HAITI of all places.

W O W!!
I understand the plight of the Haitian masses a little bit more....Thank you Abblerooster.

I have met your kind in Haiti before.

Since USA embraced cultural diversity, I forgot your kind exists, still.

I bet Abblerooster has a membership card with the equivalent Haitian KKK.
It is not alright, but it is OK. In the long run "justice" always prevails.

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