Ablerooster, You cannot be blamed for things that you don't...

Tiba - January 31 2011, 3:59 PM


You cannot be blamed for things that you don't know about.

Although my comments would come across as a bashing campaign of America but believe me when I say that I am harmless.

I, too, am a US-citizens, a tax payer who is contributing to the country's economy, and I have 2 sons in the military who have been dudging bullets in Iraq almost since the war started.

But try to understand the frustration and the rightful anger Haitians are exhebiting toward not only the United States but against the rest of the international community.

Don't get me wrong, of course Haitians are as responsible for their country failure and demise.

But again, try to understand and believe me when I say, many Haitian Americans, myself included, are not asking or looking for, nor demanding for US help in Haiti because I do believe that no country, US included, doesn't really owe Haiti anything.

If they do help Haiti it's because they want to.

But at the same time, it is cruel and evil for the United States and other countries to go out of their ways to make life more living hell for the Haitian people than it already is.

Haitians do not want charity.

They don't want everyone to flock Haiti to give them a piece of bread.

If anyone really help Haiti, the best thing they need to do is to put pressure on US, UN, and the international community to lift ALL ambargoes and economic sanctions imposed against Haiti and to take Haiti out of isolation and alienation so that Haiti can trade and do commerce with the rest of the world just like any other country.

That is the only way Haiti and the Haitian people can get out of poverty.

Don't you agree?

Ablerooster, no hard feeling and please do not leave the blog because we need people like you to make at least a small change in this world of ours so it can be a better place to live.

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