It is sad for all Haitians who speak Creole at 100% to refuse...

Toulimen - January 31 2011, 4:28 PM

It is sad for all Haitians who speak Creole at 100% to refuse the imposition of Creole as the only official and teaching language of Haiti.

If after 206 years of independence and Haiti could not have 70% of Haitians to speak French as requested by the French Speaking Countries association that means Haitians reject French as their language.

French has been used in Haiti as a tool to colonize the Haitian masses and also a tool to corrupt others because they are not able to speak it. If France had the same thinking philosophy like the Haitians, Latin would still be the French language and they could go to a bilingual country like Haiti.

Actually Latin is ranked number thirteen among spoken languages in France.

In France, they have 14 spoken languages and you see the ranking of Latin.

At the time France opted for French to liberate their country from Rome 37% of French people speak Latin.

Here, in Haiti we have only 15% of French speakers after 206 years of Independence.

We are rejected as a French speaking country among the French speaking countries; and therefore, why are we arguing about French to be an official language of Haiti.

We are not a French speaking country because we have not met the quota of 70% of French speakers as requested to be a French speaking country.

The reason that we are defending only 15% of French Haitian speakers is because they have money and they represent an economic class.

How can the 85% of Creole Speakers make their language the official language of Haiti?

We need to do like France class all other languages based on their quota.

We should survey the Haitian society in French, Spanish and English to know our quota so we can award second, third and so on language status to a foreign language.

Some people argue that we have more Haitians to speak English and Spanish as compared to French.

In awarding such a status after that survey, I think French could be in the third position after the English and Spanish.

That means Haitians hate French as their language because France is too far for them and French Colonizers did not want them to speak French as their language.

The Colonizers were the ones to teach the Haitian masses the Creole and not Haitians per se to speak French.

I want you to understand the real facts about French as one of the remaining colonial language in Haiti.

The day all (100%) Haitians can speak French the latter could become our official language.

Haiti cannot be a bilingual country because the Bilingual Speaking Countries require 51% of their population as a quota to speak another language to have a bilingual country.

If in the United States we had 51% of Americans to speak Spanish, the United States would be a bilingual country like in Canada.

The United States has 37% of Spanish speaking people on a national standpoint.

Some states have bilingual program running because they have met the bilingual quota on a state level and not nationally.

We can have bilingual in some regions in Haiti if we can create a required quota through a strong bilingual law like the United States.

Do not fool yourself ok! Haiti is a Creole country and Creole should be the only official language of Haiti.

We need to create a foreign language department in all schools in Haiti and we should fix the required quota to implement that program.

Haiti is a Creole Country and Creole should be the only official language...

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