Ablerooster, Your idea is very good but understand that anyone...

Tiba - January 31 2011, 5:38 PM


Your idea is very good but understand that anyone could come up with the most wonderful and progressive idea/suggestion/advice and even come up with a magict bullet hat could and would bring Haiti up from the ashes in a matter of a month or a year, all that would be wasted if there isn't a competent government in Haiti to act up on it.

Haiti doesn't have leadership, a competent government with the know-how and wisdom.

Preval doesn't care about Haiti nor about his people.

Preval doesn't have a full capable brain to provide leadership to his people and therefore, he doesn't know how to take advantage of any opportunity to help the country and the people he was elected to protect and to serve.

Incompetence and mediocrity of Haitian government are the obstacles of Haiti's progress.

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This is Able Rooster. Tiba, contrary to what you may...


Ablerooster see Haitian (New York Freedom Trail web page:)

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This is Able Rooster. Tiba, Preval is finished........

I don't believe that Preval does not care about...

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