Zac, Good to see you! Zac, I do agree with your assertion...

Tiba - February 1 2011, 9:53 AM


Good to see you!

Zac, I do agree with your assertion perfectly.

But I think we have come to a crossed road where we, Haitians, got to stop being afraid and scared of the unknown and change.

Preval and his government MUST wait until there is an elected government in place before Aristide is allowed back. I would see about June or July and not right now unles Preval is really posessed by the devil and wants the end of Haiti to allow Aristide back right now.

But Zac, I really see this as a doable plan because there will never be a good time for Aristide and many others to come back. There will always be potential for violence anytime these former leaders come back. So far there has been no violence since Jean-Claude's return.

Zac, let's have a little faith and hope for the best.

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