This is Able Rooster. Tiba, I went to the link and I viewed...

Ablerooster - February 1 2011, 12:59 PM

This is Able Rooster.

Tiba, I went to the link and I viewed the images, and read the inscriptions, and I am humbly impressed.

I do have concerns over American municipalities that become governed by black leaders (rightfully so when they comprise a majority, as they do in many locales) revising history to exaggerate the impact of blacks on American History.

I know that America could NOT possibly be what she is today without the rich contributions of blacks in music, science, cuisine, etc. America could never claim to have spawned itself without the input of Africans.

That would just be a flat naked lie.

But, sometimes it seems as though we honor 5% and ignore the 95%.

It's evident today, where your sons are fighting, in Iraq. Hear me: If your son is wounded, well, it's no big news, but if a WOMAN is wounded, she's all over CNN....

You know what I mean?

I honor those Brave Men who played a major role at Savannah, But I must admit to you, my friend, that I fear black revisionism, as well as hispanic revisionism, in America, because it twists reality and portrays whites as self-serving bystanders.

To me, it can only go so far: In a very general sense, (forgive the generalization) one cannot be persecuted and still be at the Vanguard.

Still, I learned something that I will not forget, and shall transmit it to others at every coversational opportunity when the topic arises.


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