I cannot help people who refuse to change themselves. Who...

Toulimen - February 1 2011, 1:05 PM

I cannot help people who refuse to change themselves.

Who wants the change in Haiti?

Do Haitians in Haiti really want change?

As part of the Haitian Diaspora, I am asking all members of the Diaspora to empower those Haitians in Haiti so they can change themselves first in order for Haiti to change.

Look how many Haitians who lost their lives because they wanted to change Haiti for themselves and others.

I don't want those changes for myself.

I want them for Haitians in Haiti and they are the ones to stand up and make those changes happen.

All I am doing is to provide guidance and leadership to others in order to enable them with the social and democratic means they have to make those changes occur in Haiti.

I know nothing myself and I cannot impose my views on others.

I am an advisor and a counselor for the good cause.

I am not going to get killed for change to occur in Haiti.

Some educated and rich Haitians know how to use uneducated Haitian criminals to gun down people who want to change their way of life...We have lost so many...

Do Haitians in Haiti really want change for themselves?

I am working behind the scenes in Haiti to enable them to change their way of life but progress cannot come as quickly as you may want. You don't hear the name Toulimen in Haiti so you think I am not helping and I believe you will konw the work I have done and continue to do in Haiti behind the scenes over the past 10 years...

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