Ablerooster, I do understand perfectly where you coming from...

Tiba - February 1 2011, 7:09 PM


I do understand perfectly where you coming from, but history is history.

I do agree with you that some people could exagerate history to advance their agenda, but if you look closely black people do not do that. Black people seem to embrace and respect history at the letter.

White people are very good doing that as if it is their God given rights to take out or add to history to get their afenda, their point across.

I'm sure you listen to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Buckman, the Tea Party, etc. etc...who are masters of history's alteration and history fabrication to get their agenda across.

A couple of weeks ago, Michele Buckman said that there was no slavery in the United States by the time the the constitution was written and that the forfathers worked really hard to end slavery in this country.

This is the most idiotic and moronic statement ever made in the history of mankind.

Haitian participation in the American Revolution to free this country from British accupation is not an idea or a perception, nor a dream, it's a FACT!

Furthermore, Haitian founded the city of Chicago.

Jean-Baptist Point-du-Sable was a Haitian fur trader who arrived to Chicago and founded the city.

The France finally decided to sell the state of Louisiana to the United States in 1806 thanks to the Haitians.

Ablerooster, Haitians also fought and died to give independence to Venezuela and helped Equador and Bolivia to get their independence as well.

Ablerooster, it is not for no reason the real true history is not taught in American schools.

US government is too afraid that Americans would know too much and which would make it too hard for the United States government to get away with its discriminating policy.

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Ablerooster please read more about Haitian in the American Revolution War

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