Tiba, it is time to stop reverberating our glorious past.Our...

Toulimen - February 1 2011, 7:48 PM

Tiba, it is time to stop reverberating our glorious past.Our past could be taken into consideration if we had developped Haiti rather we have destroyed it and we continue to destroy Haiti over and over. We need to restore our pride and bring more decency and common sense to our beloved light and dark skinned Haitians.

Whites considered and continue to consider all of us as ignorant because we cannot even allow our brothers and sisters to enjoy the basic necessities of life. Actually, Haitian Bourgeois love slavery more than the former colonial masters.

Haitian Bourgeois do not treat Haitians better than the White masters and our history is being lost. We need to be serious about ourselves and say that all Haitians deserve at least food, shelter and schooling.

It is time for us to educate them in their own language to break up language barriers as well as our colonial mentality.

If after 206 years of our history we cannot have 70% of Haitian French speakers it is because we left them behind in our educational system to please our former colonial French masters not the current modern France citizens.

France will be glad to see us having a foreign language department in all our Haitian schools starting with French as one of those foreign languages like them and any other advanced countries.

In the French territories, they use Haitian name to curse others.

None of those colonized French citizens would love to be called Haitians because they are socially brainwashed to believe that Haitians are the cursed people of the world.

Tiba, regurgitating our glorious past means nothing in the eyes of white people in the New World due to the fact we have not lived up to our core cultural values and responsibilities as well. We treat women very bad in Haiti and how can one expect Haitian males to be good in treating others with respect, decency and dignity.

The day we can treat our women with love, dignity, respect and compassion we will have a better Haiti and Haitian males will be the better males in the world history.

We have a lot to do and stop talking about our glorious past because we have not lived up to our core values and standards.

We can fix Haiti and we will do it. One day I would love to see all of you on board to face the Haitian history in changing our people's destiny path. I admire all of you and if I feel or act a little bit different than you it is because I care for you in the diaspora as well as all those Haitians who are in Haiti.

I feel your pain, frustration and anger as well as all other Haitian's pain in Haiti.

We need to be serious about ouselves for Haiti to be changed.

In 2020, I will have a great historical Rendez-vous with all of you and I will make all of you embrace Haitian history for another and a better Haiti.

We will do it and help, hope, economic and educational opportunities will be available to all...

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