CIA's Secret Work In Egypt Will Be Paid Off

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U.S. tells Mubarak he must goBy M. Alex Johnson, reporter

Update 3:31 p.m. ET: A senior U.S. official tells NBC News that Wisner not only told Mubarak that it was time for him to step down, but he explained that even if Mubarak wanted to stay in office, he couldn't possibly hold on until September.

Asked whether there is a growing security concern in Egypt, the official said "no."


NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reports that the National Security Council is waiting for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and will then determine what President Barack Obama may or may not say. She reports:

According to a senior official, Frank Wisner and Mubarak met yesterday in Cairo.

An official tells NBC News that the perspective Wisner was communicating was that he has to recognize what's happening and that his tenure is coming to an end.

U.S. officials can't say whether an announcement that he won't run for re-election is enough.

That, they say, will be determined by what is happening on the street.

Asked about Ambassador Margaret Scobey's conversations with Mohammed ElBaradei, an official said that was one of a number of conversations with figures in the opposition and that it should not be read as Washington's preferring him as the new leader.

Officials say they know of no U.S. communications with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jessifra, February 1 2011, 9:34 PM

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