They Are Still Our Slaves.....

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I first came across the writing about 15 years ago. I hate to say I agree with it's contents; but for decades, this is what I have witnessed.

Other ethnic groups don't have the respect for Black people that most of us deserve.

A college text book "painted a negative description" of Black people.

I have tried to educate the Haitian community here in South Florida about some steps they could take to uplift themselves and help those in their homeland.

My African American status surely makes them doubtful.

I would like to share my ideas with you.

Pam, February 2 2011, 9:57 AM

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Pam, Go ahead,i am listening with that info. Very interesting. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 2-Feb-11 10:45 am
I want to hear it too.... read more >
Ablerooster, 7-Feb-11 4:17 pm


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