Ablerooster, I do agree with you 150% that I/we shoudl and...

Tiba - February 3 2011, 6:03 AM


I do agree with you 150% that I/we shoudl and must look forward and not backward.

I'll give you that, this a true statement.

However, it is a little dishonest because "looking back' is a very important concept that American society holds verr dearly to the heart.

They always say that "you must always look back in order to shape the future; know where you came from to know where you're going." We must know past history in order not to repeat it, etc...

I am sure you hear these statements all the time.

And my question to you is, why this concept could be true for Americans and not for others?

The true of the matter is, Americans do not accept nor handle history well unless it is their history.

Americans are proud to brag how they save Germany, France, etc...

during WWII and how they save this and that, etc. etc...

Ablerooster, this is what's called grave hypocricy.

Ablerooster, this is Americans favorite strategy to shut someone off when they're faced with the truth and reality.

They accuse you of being angry, arrogance, lecturing, self-important, and this is my favorite, they tell you "if you don't like it here why don't you go back to where you came from.

Ablerooster, please believe me when I say that "I am not angry" nor that I am self-absorbed, self-important, I am NOT lecturing, or anything of this nature whatsoever.

I just feel the importance for the world to know that this poor frustrating trouble island called Haiti has contributed a great deal to this world.

I just wanted everybody to know that Haiti was not always in this dispecable state.

Something happened along the way that caused Haiti to get in this deplorable condition and Haitians need to figure out what it is and fix it themselves and not waiting for foreigners to do it for them. Foreigner's help should be welcome only if it is in good faith but they really don't have to.

Ablerooster, the world must understand that NO country can progress and move forward while being under ambargoes and economic santions, alenation and isolation which is the case of Haiti.

This is what trigers my frustration.

I want the world, especially the United States, to step away from this metaphorical routine of "putting someone in a straight jacket then dump him in the middle of the ocean and blame him for drowning."

Ablerooster be safe and stay warm in this nasty snowy weather.

We are buried up here.

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