This is Ablerooster. Tiba, you are right, and I stand...

Ablerooster - February 3 2011, 3:10 PM

This is Ablerooster.

Tiba, you are right, and I stand corrected.

This is a very difficult set of problems that can perplex the most capable minds, and I, like all, should think before I write, as I catch myself (or someone else catches me) spouting nonsense as often as anyone else spouts it. I mean no harm; I am an imperfect thinker at times.

There are many good lessons from the past that we can all learn from in order to seize a better future for all. I know that humanity in Haiti is no different than humanity anywhere else. Haitians ARE victims of bad circumstance, whereas America is probably the most fortunate nation on Earth.

My mother used to quote Ben Franklin: "Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it." Thank you for pointing out my arrogant omission of fact. Tiba, STAY WARM UP THERE! (I'm in Tampa).

And Marge, Thanks! It wasn't so painful was it?

Toulimen, Right On!

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